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Different Types of Skin Texture

Our skin changes a lot: it ages, it peels, it gets irritated, it breaks out, it’s uneven, it’s not poreless, and it’s definitely not perfect–but it doesn’t have to be. We tend to forget our skin is an organ that works extra hard to protect the rest of our body parts, so why not give it some love? 

Identifying what kind of texture you're dealing with is the best way to start! It will help determine what products (actives, exfoliants, retinoids, vitamin C, SPF) will work best on them.

1. Sebaceous Filaments

Sebaceous Filaments are commonly known as whiteheads. These are round, yellowish white bumps that forms when your skin produces sebum and clogs your pores.  

2. Blackheads

Open comedones clogged with sebum and appears dark or black at the surface. Blackheads form in the oiliest parts of your skin such as nose, forehead, and cheeks.  

3. Papules and Pustules

Papules are a form of inflamed acne that is red and usually dome-shaped. 

Pustules, on the other hand, is red at the base with white or yellow pus at the tip.

4. Fine Lines

Subtle and shallow lines that appear on areas with repeated movement such as the sides of your mouth and corner of your eyes when you laugh or frown. Fine lines are usually the first signs of aging prior to wrinkles.

5. Acne Scab & Mark

A pimple residue left to protect the skin after it has subsided with a little PIE or red post acne mark.


Seek Space Best Picks for Textured Skin:


For quick results! Try Isntree’s BHA Toner (for acne-related texture) or AHA Essence to exfoliate the surface of the skin and bring those bumps out!


Retinoids are effective for texture associated with premature aging (fine lines, loss of elasticity. Try Dr. Different Vitalift-A Forte: a fast-acting retinal!


Although more for brightening and hyperpigmentation, vitamin c also helps with texture because of its collagen boosting properties. Try Kaine Vita Drop Serum — safe for sensitive, dull and dry skin!


Pevents texture/roughness from UV induced photo-aging, try Axis-Y’s No-Stress Physical Sunscreen!

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