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Our Sustainable Efforts

We all know how much waste comes from the beauty industry every year 😩, so as a beauty retailer we’ve always been conscious of what we leave behind literally.

It's a sobering reality that we take seriously — which is why we're committed to doing our part to minimize our impact on the environment. While achieving complete "zero-waste" may be an impossible feat in today's industrialized society, we believe that every little bit helps when it comes to conserving energy and resources.

To that end, we're taking steps to improve our product selection and reduce our environmental footprint. We believe that by making conscious choices and staying mindful of our impact, we can help create a brighter, cleaner, and more sustainable future. 🌿

We're Saying Goodbye To Single-Use Products

The use of single-use products is a major contributor to environmental waste and pollution. As a result, we have made the decision to discontinue our sheet masks and toner pads, as they require more packaging than necessary and generate more waste, leading to higher energy consumption during shipping.

We Don't Overstock

We maintain a conscious approach to stocking skincare products, ensuring that we do not overstock or carry excess inventory.

  • Our warehouse and fulfillment center are climate-controlled, so your skincare stays fresh. More stock requires more energy to keep it that way.
  • Clean skincare has a shorter shelf life than usual, so overstocking can lead to A LOT of expired products. We've seen it happen to others: boxes of unopened products that only end up in the trash. Yikes!

We Always Look For Greener Practices

Reusable eco bags and corrugated boxes

  • We utilize reusable eco bags and corrugated boxes for our packaging, eliminating the need for excess bubble wrap. Additionally, our corrugated boxes are easily recyclable, and can be dropped off to your local junk shop. For more information on recycling and upcycling, please refer to our comprehensive guide.

Brands with intent

  • At Seek Space, we are committed to selecting brands that prioritize sustainability and ethical practices. We choose brands with intent, specifically those that utilize recyclable paper and packaging or sustainably-sourced ingredients in their products.