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The Problem

Seek Space was put together as a response to the lack of clean and good skincare found locally. By this, we mean well formulated (no irritating ingredients or unnecessary fillers) effective, and well priced.

The Situation

There seemed to be a lack of a middle ground, where drugstore skincare was full of sulfates, alcohols, fragrance and coloring, while high end skincare was beyond our budget but still full of irritating essential oils, alcohol, coloring fragrance, just in expensive packaging.

The Solution

With all the brands in the world, there had to be some that were well formulated but within an acceptable price range. We did our research to find these not so common brands and tested them with lots of different skin types and lots of different concerns. This way, we were confident that they were effective and knew for which specific skin conditions.

It has thus been our mission to continue finding these brands to make them locally available, while also sharing what we know about being a smart skincare shopper with the community.

Seek Space is

A Retail Space

Where we showcase our most loved clean skincare

A Learning Space

Where we research and educate one another on all there is to know about skincare

A Community Space

Where we share our concerns and thoughts to help each other