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A Guide to Hair Care

A Guide to Hair Care

Just like skincare, taking care of your crowning glory takes serious (and consistent!) work.

A problematic scalp could lead to hair fall, as having too oily or too dry of a scalp may prevent proper hair growth. Here are a few tips on caring for your hair.


Frequency of Washing

Wash your hair MORE if:

• You are exposed to a hot, humid, or polluted environment

• You have an oily scalp (which causes grease or dandruff)


Wash your hair LESS if:

• You have dry scalp (aging scalp produces less and less oil)

• You are in a dry environment

• You have chemically-treated / damaged hair 


What To Avoid

• Rubbing hair while washing or drying: scrub the scalp, pat dry, or air dry instead.

• Brushing your hair while wet: gently comb through damp - not wet - hair.

 Pulling hair back tightly: do relaxed hairstyles or use hair-friendly hair ties.

 Chemically-treating hair: if you must, make sure to do proper aftercare / maintenance through treatments.

• Overbrushing: 100 strokes a day is a myth!


Types of Scalp Problems

1. Oily (oily hair loss)

excess sebum -> scalp oxidation -> polluted scalp, itching, odor

2. Dandruff (dandruff hair loss)
excess sebum -> proliferation of dandruff bacteria -> dandruff production
3. Dry (dandruff hair loss)

insufficient oil and moisture -> damaged skin barrier -> sensitive scalp

4. Seborrheic (seborrheic hair loss)
excess sebum -> inflammation, erythema -> decreased scalp immunity


Caring for Your Hair

We dove deep into the research and found D'Care by Dr. Scalp, a hair clinic with branches around the globe and over 12 years of experience specializing in hair loss and scalp care. D'Care the brand was made for their patients as an at-home version of the Dr. Scalp hair loss system.

Introducing the D’Care Scalp Active Tonic - a potent scalp treatment for problems like inflammation, dandruff, thinning hair, dryness, and most especially, hair fall! 

D'CARE Scalp Active Tonic 20mL  (₱400.00)

How Does It Work?

The answer lies in its unique patented complex–HP-DCC Complex–which reduces the presence of the hormone DHT on the scalp. DHT can trigger the scalp to overproduce sebum, and block hair follicles, leading to and worsening dandruff, build-up and hair fall. By improving overall scalp health and reducing DHT presence, overall hair loss is reduced. 


How To Use:

  1. Dry your scalp after shampooing. Shake the tonic sufficiently and spray evenly twice on the scalp undergoing hair loss.
  2. Massage lightly using your fingertips. Apply evenly on the scalp once a day. No need to wash it with water.
  3. This tonic is not sticky. Spray it on the scalp and let it absorb by lightly massaging.

Q: When should I use a tonic?

A: After shampooing, use it on clean scalp. Spray evenly on the scalp once a day and massage lightly.

Q:  Is it necessary to wash after using the tonic?

A: No, the tonic must be left on. After spraying the tonic, massage lightly until absorbed onto the scalp.

Q:  I'm afraid my hair will become sticky after using the tonic.

A: The D'Care tonic is not sticky. It is a water and alcohol based solution that will not leave your hair greasy or sticky.

Q:  Can anyone use it?

A: Yes, D'Care is safe to use for everyone. However, make sure to consult a specialist if you have any pregnancy complications or have severe hair loss.

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